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Do you know any good videos / graphics about how #activitypub works ?
I thought the ActivityPub overview at the W3 specification was a pretty good overview, with graphics like smiley people, arrows and computers. It's a really simple concept, so I dunno what illustrations would make it more understandable. One thing that I find unclear are public timelines, which can't be sent to the inbox of everyone in the world, preemptively! So do I poll them directly, or does my server poll them, or...?

ohh yes! I was thinking about the implementation of activitypub in #friendica (my question wasn't really clear) The W3 specification is very documented, yes 😀

I guess your server pulls your timeline

In mastodon, there's this confusing thing where if you visit their server in your browser, you can look at their timeline and posts and stuff, but then when you try to reply, it has to point you to some form that does this reverse interaction thing, where you confirm that your server is you. So I dunno if it's really clear. In diaspora you can't look at anything with your browser, without making an account on that pod, so that's how they get around that.

I have no idea about friendica. I tend to avoid PHP like the plague.