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I ❤ youtube-dl

Best download tool for every site... 😁
Not only youtube!!!

Telegram: Kooperation mit den Behörden bei Terrorverdacht zugesagt

When you go to a store and boot all the surfaces to Ubuntu and leave

@Nick was ist den LBS? Das ist doch nur im Stil von der BVG oder?

ja ich weiß xD
Würde auch gerne wissen wer oder was LBS ist :P

Friendica Developer Introduction

is here somebody who wants to show me the basics for developing with friendica?
Setting up development environment, tricks, how to debug, basics, ...

So I'm very new to the world of javascript and php. I'm used to program languages like c and c++ or python or c#.

I'm living in #berlin

@Friendica Developers

Tobias wrote:

For devs we have a VagrantVM...

Well it's not a VM but I've found the instructions on how to build it at

If you're available on week-ends, we can set up a peer programming session with screen share and audio chat. I live in Brooklyn, so I'm 6 hours behind you.

Irgendwer hier aus #Bremen? 😀
Bin da jetzt und weiß nicht was hier so geht.

Interessen sind coole linke Menschen und Punk. ^^

ICE is blocking VPN?????? WTF????

Somebody a solution for this or can somebody offer me a vpn on port 80? ^^

#db #bahn #berlin #computer #security

The ICE's actually do have a local cache of TV series, movies and audiobooks available through on-board WiFi, it's just not Netfilx but some other network (IIRC Maxdome, but I may be wrong here). Depending on VPN configuration they would even be available while the VPN tunnel is connected.

Furthermore the trains wouldn't have enough space to actually store the complete Netflix repository, so no way to cache that on-board.

The main use of 5GHz WiFi is in apartment and office complexes where each and every single apartment runs its own WiFi and thus the 2.4GHz spectrum is full of conflicting networks, each being encrypted differently and probably even on adjacent channels causing interferences and thus reducing signal quality for everyone. 5GHz doesn't penetrate floors and ceilings and has a generally reduced signal range, thus providing enough spectrum space for everyone.
On a train coach with a single unencrypted WiFi system, this problem simply doesn't exist, so 5GHz would just cost extra in radios, antennas, electronics and power consumption while... show more

2.4 GHz can only have up to 40 MHz Bandwidth and then only 2 non overlapping Cells... Common use is 20 MHz with 3 non overlapping cells.
A good Signal strength ist Importamt ( but a good Signal strength can cause Hidden Station Problem) For high Modulation technique.
But If u Stream a Video in a 2.4 GHz network the Channel utilization rises enormous. In 5 GHz You can use vht. Fuethermore WiFi Situation becomes even worse due to perfomance Anomaly.

(Interesting topic, i will write something when i'm logged into a WiFi with my laptop ^^)

Why bother about overlapping cells? On an ICE there are only two points per coach where cells actually might overlap: at the junctions, so there's no worry about overlap here anyway.
Furthermore, signal strength is also not that important as there is practically no radio obstruction between passenger equipment and AP in the roof of the coach (except luggage maybe, but that is rarely severe).

You are probably right about the impact of streaming video to passenger equipment and its impact on overall performance with b/g/n networks, but then, from looking around, it seems not many passengers are actually streaming videos but are rather watching "canned" films.

Regardless of the aforementioned my observation is that I can get a steady and not severly impacted bunch of SSH sessions over OpenVPN (admittedly MTU 1400 hard coded on the VPN server endpoint) on an ICE, so can't be that bad. 😉


Seit dem ich friendica aktiv nutze passieren mir dauernd lustige Sachen. XD
Diese alte S-Bahn...


Nein die haben die Achsen auch anders beschriftet. xD
In Berlin macht man anscheinend x=y^2

Aber dann hat er einfach Tagenten irgendwo eingezeichnet und davon der Schnittpunkt ist dann die Nullachse... ^^

Berlin Tag und Nacht Mathe. 😀

Vielleicht weiß @Lotta das ja... ^^

@nick hä? Kannst du doch sehen! Erklärt er doch alles!
Und sei mal n bisschen nachsichtiger mit den Drehbuchautor*innen. Die müssen unterhalten und keine Nullachsen ausrechnen können

@nick okay. Er gibt am Ende auch 48:2 in den Taschenrechner ein... ich glaube nicht, dass du die Prüfung schaffst, Nik...

Friendica Time delay

how long does a submit Action need?
Can we maybe Fork this somehow into the Background with a callback and give a positive Feedback?
And then submit is finished refresh the Page or something like this?

I always need to prevent myself hammering the submit Button...


@Friendica Developers

I mean upgrading the hardware. ^^

I think Nick is talking about upgrading the hardware!

Neues Friendica/Mastodon/Diaspora/Hubzilla/... Spiel

Neues Friendica/Mastodon/Diaspora/Hubzilla/... Spiel

“Peinliche Momente”

Poste, einen peinlichen Moment.

Ich fange an:
Wollte mal Geld auf meine Waschkarte aufladen und der Verkäufer hat mir die Hand hingehalten (für das Geld) und ich dachte: "häää, warum hält er mir die hand hin?!" und dann habe ich die einfach genommen und so halt Händeschütteln gemacht. ^^

#spiel #diaspora #mastodon #peinlich #momente

@nick Bücherbusse kenne ich eigentlich nur aus ländlichen Regionen. Hat Berlin so wenige Büchereien?

When there will be the new Friendica Stable Release? 😁

@Friendica Developers

But I need the Twitter connector 😱 ^^

#Strafe für Flaggen-Kürzung

Deutschland unten ohne

Ein Mann verbreitete ein Bild einer ums Gold verkürzten deutschen Fahne während der #Fußball-EM 2016. Dafür wird er nun in Berlin verurteilt.!5520585/

#taz #Deutschland #Flagge #Nationalstolz

NoScript blocks something?

friendica is not loading Twitter Links if I use Firefox with NoScript and uBlock.
Somebody has the same problem?

@Friendica Support

You physically can’t or you don’t want to do it?

It is expected, Twitter embed are displayed through OEmbed that loads an iframe from Twitter for each displayed tweet including Javascript.